Your most promising applicants
revealed in seconds
Technology that pinpoints the hard and soft skills
that drive performance.

Hire better talent, faster

Increase quality of hire

  • Identify candidates most like your top performers

  • Avoid regretted hires

  • Pinpoint which candidate backgrounds predict performance

Save time and money

  • Reduce manual heavy-lifting by 50% with automated screening

  • Avoid wasting time interviewing poor fits

  • Accelerate overall time to hire

Diversify your workforce

  • Unearth non-traditional candidates that have high potential

  • Minimize human bias in your selection process

  • Give a fair shot to applicants who haven't been referred

Streamlined solution

Getting started


Our solution integrates seamlessly with your applicant tracking system every time a candidate applies, their CV is automatically scored and ranked by our algorithm. There’s no need to manually copy over information or do anything extra.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

For each open role, you’ll be able to view candidates ranked in order of performance potential, attrition risk and management potential on the Quantize Analytics dashboard.


Here you can easily prioritize and review candidates and decide whether to advance them through your process with status tags. All status tags are automatically synced back to your ATS, so there’s no duplication of work.

Data Security

Data Security


The security of your data is an integral part of how Quantize Analytics operates. We fully commit to ensuring data security by taking all the necessary precautions and using industry leading standards and encryption certificates. As an added measure we continuously conduct penetration tests to make sure there are no holes.

Lasting Relationship

Lasting Relationship


We value your opinion and our team is always happy to hear from you. Should you face any difficulties during your relationship with us, our support team will be ready to walk you through and put a smile back on your face.

Start now!


All the features you need to transform hiring through Predictive Analytics.

Score and Prioritize
Focus your time and personnel on candidates that matter the most
Identify candidates statistically most likely to succeed, and remove inaccurate human bias
Easy Integration
Quick and seamless integration with your existing ATS solutions through our API
Secure and Safe
Rest assured that your data is fully encrypted using the latest encryption standards. Quantize Analytics is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act.